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Aug 21, 2013 6:00am EDT
. an update on kirk cousins coming up. >> making headlines, wall street journal supporting nsa surveillance covers 75% of all traffic. >> wow. covers more communications of americans than officials originally admitted. nsa defends its practices as legal. we are getting a look at the last of the nixon's tapes. many have been released. once going public today are the most important ones. they cover a time period in 1973 when nixon was embroiled in the water gate scandal. nixon library is releasing them at 12:30 our time. fascinating stuff. states latest standards of learning scores shows 75% of students passed tests in virginia. washington reports it is due to a more difficult exam this year. >> redskins hold first pre-season practice as they get read for saturday's game against the bills. >> looks like rex grossman is the quarterback. kirk cousins was hit in the second quarter. according to mri results, no serious damage. good new there is. now on to baseball, on monday, nats required -- placed on revokeable trade waiver. like dejesus still on the roster last night. bottom of fo
Aug 20, 2013 6:00am EDT
belonging to "guardian newspaper." >> guardian published information from nsa edward snowden. the united nations is taken aim at armed drones. u.n.'s human right's chief says there are serious impacts. it is asking for a clarification of legal basis for the strikes and wants to know what is being done to create safeguards. >> coming up, some call it a perk, some call it a pain. >> either way if your job provides you with a smart phone for work, new ground for your expectations for privacy coming up next. >> welcome back, big thank you to everyone tweeting us with their back to school selfies. this is from lisa marie mcfearson. she tweeted us lj's first day from prince george's elementary school. >> first day in kelvert. tweet us at myfoxdc be sure to include the #back to school selfie. >> be exciting to say hey, i was on fox 5. >> first day of school. yeah. >> i thought he was wearing shorts in that one picture. >> you can be comfortable later today. increasing humidity. more heat and humidity moving in for a couple of days. that is the good news. let's get to the map. i i want to talk a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2